Fellow Raven Stovetop 1L Tea Kettle + Large Tea Filter (Matte Black)

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STEEP LIKE A TEA MASTER: Raven stovetop kettle and tea steeper makes steeping any type of tea easy with its brew-range thermometer, weighted handle, and integrated tea filter. Heat and steep your tea in the same vessel, saving time and cleanup. Steep at the perfect temperature for green/white...

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Yes, this kettle is a little precious and requires a bit more care than your typical kettle. If you wanted a typical kettle, you wouldn't be reading reviews for this one. But how well does it work? This is what I've noted after a couple weeks of use:* It holds water. There are no visible seams from which it might leak. Good start.* Without seams this should be easy to keep clean, too. They say this is "food-grade" stainless steel. Keep in mind that many grades of stainless will still discolor if you don't keep it clean.* Another reviewer didn't like that this kettle had no "heft". For my part, I prefer to heat water, rather than a mass of steel. And I try not to throw my kettle. But if you are brewing tea in a war zone, note that this kettle probably will not stop a bullet. And it probably will dent if you drop it.* The lid is silicone, which is heat resistant and a good insulator (it won't get hot). As another reviewer has noted, it does expand a bit when warm, which makes it difficult to remove after you've reached steeping temp. To avoid flinging scalding condensation onto yourself when it pops off, try twisting it, rather than pulling.* Fellow says the matte black model is coated with a heat-resistant polymer. Other reviews that describe how the coating peeled off suggest it is not resistant to direct flame. So if you are inclined to heat your kettle in a sea of fire, this is not the one for you. I use mine on a gas burner, and I'm here to tell you the bottom will scorch a bit—this is fire, after all. I use the low heat so the flame doesn't quite reach the kettle. Yes, it takes longer than a flame bath. But it leaves the kettle's finish intact (so far).* Other reviewers have complained that the nylon handle melts when exposed to direct flame. Recommendation: Do not expose the handle to direct flame. The instructions that come out of the box describe how you should use a small burner to avoid this.* The base of the handle appears to be spot welded to the body. On mine it feels sturdy. If you receive one with a little give, do not wait for it to drop 200° water on you or your cat; contact the seller ASAP.* I cannot confirm the precision of the temperature gauge. But I am making tea, not not cooking meth. So "the pointer is in the little black thingey" is totally adequate for me. And so far it has not broken or filled with water vapor. For various reasons, I would discourage using it as a laboratory thermometer. Probably do not submerge it in water, either.* There is no whistle—there's not even an app! So you have to be attentive or set a timer to see when your water reaches the temperature you want. Like, so "Frontier House".* I adore the geometric perforation pattern on the strainer. Like all strainers I have used, it is reluctant to release all the bits of tea when washing. And the strainer may discolor a little if you brew black tea, like I do. I don't think this will affect flavors at all. (I suspect it's about heat and acid, but I'm no chemist.)So you may be thinking: "So many fussy little rules for a tea kettle!" Yes, it is a precious tea kettle and like most precious things requires a little...mindfulness when using. If that's not your scene—and no judgement; I have dear friends who shouldn't go near this kettle—you may find that a kettle for one quarter the price of this one will heat water just as well. (It might whistle, too!)If you dig the unique styling of this kettle and are more tolerant of a certain kind of care (and elevated price point), I think you'll find this a thoughtfully designed kettle, in spite of being fussy. For those with gas stoves who still fear exposing it to fire, there is an electric version. (I think that one has an app.)
This tea kettle is beautiful for looking, and I love the integrated thermometer, but it lacks a little in functionality. The problem is that the lid is rather hard to remove. The entire lid is made of silicone. The thermometer rests in a little hollow made of silicone, and it also serves as the handle for the lid. Maybe the silicone expands as it gets warmer? In any case, it's really difficult to remove the lid. Adding to the difficulty, the top of the lid has two slits where hot steam comes out--making it harder to use bare hands to remove the lid. Instead of just lifting off, the lid will suddenly pop off with tugging, and you may/will get splashed with boiling hot water on the underside of the lid. I also wonder if, after a number of times trying to pull off the lid by tugging (I've had this a little over a month, so we'll see how long it lasts), the silicone handle won't eventually tear off. I've tried other methods of getting off the lid (e.g., getting under it with a butter knife, etc.), but only tugging at the thing works.The only other solution is to delicately balance the lid on the kettle, so it doesn't settle on top of the kettle's flange, making it difficult to remove after your water has boiled.If I had been able to try this before buying, I would not have purchased. I thought I'd grow accustomed to the tugging, but now it's just annoying.
This kettle does great on my Wolf induction cook top. I wondered if it would and am happy with the kettle's performance. I find I use less tea and get a stronger product with brewing in the kettle. Didn't expect that. I have learned to keep my thumb off the copper and on the black part of the handle where the handle attaches to the kettle. Right now I am using a large crochet hook to lift the brew basket from the kettle when the time is up. Wish they offered a lifting hook for this purpose. The kettle is a bit pricey, 4 stars, but looks great against the black of the induction cook top. All things considered, I would buy it again and can recommend the kettle.One more thing, this product got lost and was marked as being delivered to me. AMAZON worked with me and sent me another kettle, no charge. When the first turned up later marked as a "mis-delivery", I returned it to AMAZON. I got to enjoy the kettle and not worry about what happened with delivery snafus. THANKS AMAZON.

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