Accessories Set Compatible with Instant Pot 6,8 QT, Steamer Basket with Divider, Springform Pan, Egg Bites Mold, Stackable Steamer Racks, Magnetic Cheat Sheet by SiCheer

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 easy to used.. Good quality,
I was pleasantly surprised that this set was so well made. I had an existing springform pan, but this one is much heavier duty than the one I had and non-stick is a real plus! The steamer basket is also a very nice heavy stainless, it really has the quality I would expect of a much higher priced set. The magnets stick well to the instant pot, but I did bend them some first before applying the. Great easy reminder if you want to cook something fast and don’t have time to look up a recipe. It is nice that the egg mold has a lid too and is a nice cheery orange - perfect for pumpkin pie or beebo bites too. Happy with my purchase.
The downsides: The magnets don't stick to the Instant Pot, just to my fridge. Also, the grains magnet lists white rice, jasmine rice, and wild rice, but not brown rice. I've been told this will be fixed in the next edition. :)Otherwise, everything in the set is good size and quality. I'll report back if I have any problems, but so far, we're happy with this set. I was sent this set in exchange for a review, but I was not required to write a good review--that's just because I actually like the accessories. I especially like the steamer basket, which is more durable feeling than I expected.Oh! I also appreciate that the meat is all listed on one magnet separately, because I'm a vegetarian and won't use that one. 🙂

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